A wide range of products by various producers, dimensions and styles made out of following materials:


Top class ceramics in accordance with modern trends and technological innovations which can meet even the most demanding needs of clients. In cooperation with prominent European brands, our floor and wall ceramics meet the most severe technical and aesthetic standards for equipping all types of spaces (residential and business premises, luxury hotels and villas, facades, swimming pools, stair treads…). Our architects create 3D models according to your wishes and dimensions, and designer lines of our producers are so various that one designer line can cover modern, classic and rustic space. Out of many producers we point out a few:

Graniti Fiandre, an Italian brand known for its high quality large size tiles - up to 300x150cm. Tiles are resistant to all weather conditions and are fully customizable for external use: floors, walls, facades, swimming pools.

Atlas Concorde, an Italian brand, characterized by its large selection floor and wall tiles with rich decors.

FAP, an Italian brand popular among architects due to the rich decor, bright colors and patterns.

KEOPE, another Italian brand in line with modern trends that is distinguished by its originality and beauty.


Petra Antica, luxury Italian brand that is engaged in the processing of natural stones and produces premium, hand-made, high-quality stone tiles.


Mosaico piu, an Italian brand that offers mosaics in combination with glass, wood, metal and ceramic, and are recognizable by their colorful designs and portraits.

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