About us

Commerce today means much more than it used to. It is not just a delivery of goods to a client but a complete service, meeting the needs and expectations.

INTEQ is a company dedicated to you, our clients, and it inherits the professional approach to business, nourishes partner business relations and strives to complete business with as high quality as possible.

We are focused to improve the quality of your life, to make it more pleasant and to make the space you life in and work more pleasant with our materials and service.

We chose to dedicate ourselves to the interior and to, through creating solutions and space furnishing, meet your needs.

We use ecological materials which have all the necessary certificates, with a desire for the spirit of nature to domiate your place.

Our strength is not only a dedicated and professional Team, but suppliers and contractors we work with as well.

Since 2012, we have completed a huge number of projects in the sphere of material delivery and space furnishing in hotels, apartments, residentals, business facilities, cafes and restaurants…

We believe that respecting the principles of professional and quality work with a focus on the values we inherit are a good recommendation for a successful cooperation.

For your dream space!