Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture has become a very important part of furnishing all types of bathrooms. Therefore, we have paid special attention in choosing partners who carefully select materials for furniture that fits into any bathroom ambience, and we especially emphasise:

Laufen, a Swiss brand founded in 1892, distinguished for line simplicity, optimal functionality and attractive prices. A leader in providing the best design solutions, Laufen, apart from being recognized in the selection of sinks and toilets, also offers suitable pieces of top quality bathroom furniture.

Kale, a Turkish brand with a very high quality and affordable assortment of bathroom furniture, a winner of numerous internationally recognized design awards, offers a great price-quality ratio with impeccable design lines suitable for equipping all types of bathrooms.

Aquaestil is the largest Croatian manufacturer of bathroom equipment with a wide range of products that captivate with their beauty and functionality.