Bathroom radiators

Apart from the space heating function, bathroom radiators have been given the function for drying towels, so they are increasingly sought after under the name towel dryers. The possibility of power supply as well as connection to central heating, makes them applicable in all spaces. A wide range of dimensions, shapes, as well as finishes makes them able to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Leading Italian manufacturer of bathroom radiators Margarolli and Swiss brand Zehnder are part of our rich assortment. What characterizes these brands, apart from the wide range of the assortment and the quality of design, is the unique and one of a kind design of bathroom radiators. Design trends, through the fitting of final works that match other elements in the space, have become an indispensable part of a modern bathroom. So when choosing bathroom equipment, be sure to pay attention to towel dryers so that they are also part of your space.