Concealed cisterns, shower drainage channels, and sinks

Open space, minimalism in the bathroom enabled the space for wide usage of built-in systems. They can be easily integrated into any type of environment, without high costs and in an environmentally friendly way. The need for built-in elements appeared in order to save space and achieve architectural simplicity. In installation technology, almost 90 percent of products reliably and invisibly perform their function hidden behind a wall or located in an installation in front of a wall. Only 10 percent of the product is visible in front of the wall.

Our range of built-in appliances, in addition to cisterns, drains and shower drainage channels, also includes built-in elements for bidets, sinks, urinals, and they are distinguished for quality, durability, ease of installation, maintenance and quietness.

In the segment of shower channels and drains, we cooperate with the brands Tece, HL and ACO.

Considering the manufacturers of built-in consoles, we highlight Tece, a prominent German brand with a tradition of more than 60 years, recognized for innovative technologies, top quality and design. The emphasis on design itself is precisely what makes us increasingly strive for uniformity in the bathroom and increased functionality. We emphasise the trend in which complete systems such as showers, faucets, shower drainage channels or cistern buttons are of the same design, the same color and thus give a distinguished look to your bathroom.