If you have recently completed a renovation or moved into a new home, we believe that you have put a lot of effort into choosing a room door that you have matched with the furniture and decorations. This is because room doors are a very important part of the interior, they are a decoration of your home.

If you choose the one with a few decorations, you can bring charm and beauty to your home. Also, if you choose a simple door in a classic white or oak color, definitely you not make a mistake. The selection of room doors is very large, so it is sometimes difficult to choose a favorite model.

There are many types of doors. They are made of different materials, and you can find them in several different colors. They can be used both for separating rooms and for wardrobes. There are many decisions which you need to make before a purchase itself. We can help you choose a room door from the series Porto Fino and Siena. The doors are made of CPL and Finish foil and are resistant to scratches, wear and household chemicals. The doors have a modern design and can be ordered in any dimensions from 70-100cm, with heights according to customer requirements from 205-220cm. If you want to enrich the space, you can choose a room door with glass openings or a sliding door.

This door is easy to install. No need to worry about the thickness of the stock, nor about the sides of the opening. The door is universal, so you can choose the sides of the opening and the thickness of the stem on the spot. We can offer you room doors in decors: Oak, Walnut, Bleached Oak, Silver Oak, Wenge and pure white.

The product meets all environmental European standards.