Glue, mass, colours

Glues and grouts are an indispensable part of the installation of ceramics for their preservation. The long-term satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority, so we choose products from this part of the range for quality, reliability and durability.

In our assortment, you can find products of proven quality and extraordinary performance.

We are representatives for the Dekol brand, with products based on Italian technology and a proven recipe. All their products are manufactured in compliance with all ISO standards, and their continuous production results them being available at all times.

Parquet, vinyl, carpet or laminate installation requires an ideally flat surface. If your cement screed or concrete surface is damaged, use a special leveling mass called self-leveling mass.

This self-leveling mass is designed to correct minor irregularities, from 2 to 10 mm.

There are a large number of manufacturers on the market that offer this product and we can offer you the service of surface leveling or delivery of materials.

Apart from the leveling mass, our sales program includes glues for adhesing various types of floor and wall coverings, such as carpets, rugs, LVT floors and wallpaper.

To complete the range of materials necessary for finishing works, we have included the top colors of our partner Dekoll & Pinto into our range. When choosing colors, we put emphasis on materials that are washable. The higher quality of these paints as well as the possibility of easier maintenance of painted walls are being used in every space increasingly. It is important that the chosen colour has the ability to transform the look and feel of any room or environment in which we spend most of the day. Dekoll & Pinto experts have included all these best features in their products and, being their partners, we are here to make it all available to you.