Laminate is a simple floor covering to maintain and is almost always affordable. It is known for its durability and easy installation. It is aa appropriate alternative for many homeowners, apartments and business premises who want a floor with a long-lasting surface, but also a more affordable price. Laminate flooring has a solid final layer that provides better scratch resistance and better protection compared to other floor surfaces. If you are looking for an economical and durable floor, then laminate is an ideal choice. In addition to reliability, laminate also has an aesthetic form and is pleasing to the eye. What sets laminates apart from other floor coverings is a large selection of decors, finishes and dimensions of the bars. With us, it can be ordered in thicknesses of 8.10 and 12mm.

In addition to classic laminates, we can also recommend our HPL laminates, brand Berry Alloc. HPL (High pressure laminate) is produced by pressing under high pressure and under the influence of high temperature. The properties of HPL laminate are: resistance to surface damage and chemical influences, color fastness, thermal and mechanical loads and easy maintenance.

Hardened PU-acrylic resin provides high resistance to atmospheric conditions, which allows the use of HPL panels for cladding facades and filling balcony railings. HPL laminates are used as raw materials in the modern furniture industry as well. HPL laminate has aluminum seams, and due to them it is intended for high-frequency places such as: banks, schools, public institutions.