Moldings are one of the most important aesthetic details that are necessary while arranging and installing all floor and wall coverings, ceramics, parquet, rugs, vinyl. They can be aluminum, stainless steel, MDF, plaster, PVC. The type of material depends on the surface on which they are installed. In our assortment, you can find all types of moldings necessary for functional and stylish solutions for floor, wall, ceiling, staircase, balconies from the Italian manufacturer of profiles and profile moldings Profilitec. With a large selection of floor, wall, transitional, assigned, industrial moldings, the brand is unavoidable while designing modern buildings.

An accurate, meticulous finishing mold enriches your space. White floor molding Berry Alloc 10 cm high can be painted in all Ral colors of your choice. It fits perfectly into any space and designers love it because it can be painted in the colour of the wall so that the design itself makes it minimalist, but also effective at the same time. You can also choose moldings in parquet or vinyl decor so that your living space exudes elegance, sophistication and precision.