The quality of raw materials, material processing and durability of varnish at the end are the first step in choosing a supplier for parquet. When modern and traditional designs, innovation and guarantees support it, we could say with certainty and experience that we have a solution for your homes. Authentic, designer and urban parquets are made with love in France. The Berry Alloc parquet collection is available in a range of colors to suit any interior and lifestyle. They are durable, repairable, easy to install, and especially easy to clean. Parquets are available in three series: Les Esentials, Les Exlusives and Lodges. What makes these parquets special is the HDF (high-density fiberboard) middle layer, which allows underfloor heating to be installed under the parquet. They can be placed on a click system or glued to a substrate. The type of floor covering has a great impact on people’s health and well-being. Parquet creates ideal conditions for a healthy climate in your home. Studies by an independent German testing institute show that parquet surface temperature, unlike other floors, is higher than 0.8 ° C, up to 2.2 ° C. This primarily helps saving heating costs. The more wood in the room, the better the climate regulation works. Contrary to market standards, Weitzer Parkett’s collections offer up to 50% thicker layers of solid wood finish. Parquet has anti-allergic, antibacterial, antistatic and breathable properties, which contribute in making your space pleasant to live and work. The beauty of parquet is reflected in its board length. The longer the board, the more visible is the uniqueness of the parquet you have chosen. 7 coats of varnish with Anti-scratch technology ensure high wear resistance and provide our floors with stability and durability. An innovative varnishing system that looks as natural as a lubricated surface and requires less maintenance than a traditional varnished surface. The gloss level is only 5%. The lower layer of Estaparket is made of birch veneer, which is resistant to moisture and adds stability to the parquet. An even level of moisture in all layers of parquet guarantees a stable condition and behavior of the board. Birch veneer at the bottom of the three-layer construction provides balance to the types of hardwood on the upper layer ideally. Whichever parquet you choose from our assortment, you will get a long-lasting and durable product that will complement your space and make the ambience more beautiful and pleasant to live in.