Surely, each one of you once wished for a floor that would be authentic and draw attention of the people who visit you. We have a solution for you. A carpet or rug popularly called the “fifth wall” can change and embellish your interior and emphasize the message you want to send. It will make your stay in the place pleasant.

Carpets or rugs are textile floor coverings made specifically for different spaces and are available in a large number of designs, quality and methods of production. If you choose a carpet for your house or apartment, you will discover its numerous advantages: They are beautiful, warm and comfortable; they provide excellent thermal and sound isolation. They have good anti-slip and are very soft to the touch.

Unlike home carpets, commercial textile floors are ideal for installation in hotels, business and other frequented rooms. These floors are very durable and compact in structure, which should withstand the intense wear that is common in commercial spaces successfully. Their design is usually simple and very easily fits into various types of interiors. They are produced in rolls and textile boards. When installing textile rolls, wall-to-wall installation and gluing to the surface, is recommended. You can see our collections of carpets Lano, Carus, M2 Carpets, which are distinguished for a top quality, durability and a design that can be adapted to you, using digital printing.

In addition to textile commercial rolls, today 50x50cm textile boards are most often placed in business and public spaces. They are placed on a flat surface, and are very suitable for installation over existing ones, the so-called raised floors. Quick and easy installation, excellent features and their contribution to indoor air quality, make them the right solution for commercial spaces. Thanks to a plenty of different collections and designs, the ease of installation gives you countless options while selecting and fitting boards. Apart from placing them on the glue, textile boards can also be placed on Flex Fiters, self-adhesive tapes which do not damage the existing surface. We have been cooperating with the Modulyss brand for many years, and you can see more about our offer at the links of the brands we represent.