In our assortment, you can find ceramics of the highest class, in accordance with modern trends and technological innovations. In cooperation with renowned world brands and with the support of our architect who will make a 3D model for you to your liking and as you wish, we can meet the needs of investors of all types of buildings. Our brands are one of the largest in the world of ceramics and guarantee the application of innovations in production, directing trends in the application of ceramics in everyday work and life. We pay special attention to the education of our clients with the desire to use all materials in the best way.

XL tiles

The XL tile line is inspired by natural materials traditionally used in construction such as marble, natural stone, wood or metal. Tiles of size 2400 × 1200 mm, 2780 × 1200 mm, 3200 × 1600 mm and 1620 × 3240 mm with matt, polished and / or anti-slip final layer, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 20mm thick meet every architectural need in a modern environment in order for the finest endings and all the beauty of the design to stand out.

The usage of large format tiles is not limited to the wall or floor, but they have found their place as perfect kitchen countertops, dining tables, pieces of furniture, doors, but also a part of the cladding in ventilated facades that is increasingly in use. Large porcelain tile formats enable high-quality performance, and open up new design horizons, allowing users to create ultra-modern kitchens through a range of tiles with clear lines and endless possibilities.

Visual uniformity, purity and elegance which tiles of these dimensions bring to every interior and exterior are invaluable, and as the most technologically advanced upper surfaces, they are resistant to stains, scratches, heat, UV rays and do not absorb liquid.

Tiles of 20mm and 30mm

The technology of ceramic production is progressing from year to year. Tiles have an increasing advantage compared to natural materials and therefore become widely used. In the last couple of years, the trend is to expand the range of tiles with a thickness of 20mm and 30mm, which are used in the interior and exterior. It is easy to install and maintain, it is non-slip and resistant to all atmospheric influences, frost and sudden thermal changes, and it does not change its appearance regardless of the weather conditions.


You can place it on terraces, balconies, around the pool, on the plateau in front of buildings, in the parking lot, etc. Laying of this ceramic can be performed directly on the grass or on the sand, and the tiles placed in this way can withstand a weight of as much as one ton. You can also place 2 or 3 cm ceramics on the adjusting feet, and installations can be carried out below, thus changing the purpose of the space without major works.