Nowadays, LVT floors are the fastest growing segment of the flooring market. They are ideal for use in commercial places, such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, offices, boutiques, but also for houses and apartments.

In addition to excellent performance, vinyl floors have a superior design and a large number of patterns, based on nature and the latest design trends: stone, wood, textile, metal… LVT is an alternative to traditional wooden floors because it can truly reflect the natural look of a wooden floor; therefore, wood patterm is one of the most popular choices. Available in board or plate format, LVT provides complete design freedom with endless possibilities of combining different dimensions and shapes into a single whole.

In addition to design options, this floor has many other features, which make it a great choice for your next project. It is extremely resistant to shocks, damage from moisture, heat, chemicals for maintaining hygiene, and it has a high fire resistance as well. Due to all these properties, LVT floors are perfect for those who want durable floors. Installation is quick and easy, which is especially important when renovating a space. LVT can be laid over screed, ceramics, parquet, laminate. Vinyl can also be installed in bathrooms. Berry Alloc brand LVT panels are really quick to install thanks to the innovative Dream clik vinyl setting system. They have 35 decors, which means 35 ways to decorate your space.

Apart from classic vinyls, we also present knitted vinyls. Knitted vinyl is a modern alternative to classic floor coverings such as carpets, wood, ceramic and marble floors. Durable, stain resistant and provides a high level of comfort and sound isolation.

It is an ideal solution for hotels, offices and multifunctional spaces, as well as for luxury residential buildings.

Knitted vinyl from our assortment can be obtained as: floor coverings in tiles 50 × 50 cm – an ideal solution for office and multifunctional spaces, especially with a raised technical floor; 2m wide roll floor coverings with factory – installed base for extra comfort – the ideal solution for hotels; wall coverings – a much more durable replacement for classic wallpaper. Look for knitted vinyls from the brands Ntrgate, Loom +, 2Tec 2, Fitnice.

If you want vinyl from wall to wall, we have a solution for you, vinyl in rolls. Vinyl in rolls is available in widths of two, three, four or even five meters and come with a wide range of thickness and finishing options. They are quiet, soft and warm. If you are looking for a floor that can withstand wet and dirty shoes or paws from your pets, then our vinyl rolls with a 100% waterproof top layer are exactly what you need. Look for vinyl in Beufloor rolls with us.