Furniture design and production are essential parts of any interior. There is an increasing tendency to create unique furniture or furniture designed just for your space. We have recognized the importance of personalizing each space and thus the furniture that will best suit your needs.

That is why, in cooperation with our partners in the furniture production, we have completely finished the process, from the very design of the solution, the choice of materials, technical development, to the execution and installation in the space.

We use solid wood, veneer, board materials and what has been especially popular in recent years are metal constructions in the interior. We use metal profiles to make chests of drawers, dining tables, club tables, nightstands, bars … etc. For equipping kitchens, bars and tables, we use large-format ceramics that, in addition to design, have all the technical characteristics that will meet your needs. Our team of architects will help you choose the appropriate materials, colors and shapes that would suit your requirement.

The application of new materials, the elaboration of details of production and installation is something we have put a special focus on.

We are able to design and equip your space, regardless of whether it is an apartment, house, suite, cafe or office, according to the “Turnkey” system. It is our job to make a 3D model, material specification and budget, and it is up to you to approve it and show us confidence in the realization of the work.