Interior solution design and furnishing

The company Inteq offers the design and execution of interior projects in accordance with the wishes of its clients or architects. Whether you are renovating or furnishing your living or working space, our Team is here to find the best solution for you. In addition to 3d models where you can visualise the space, we offer full support to investors and architects during all phases of construction with the provision of the necessary technical documentation and materials.

Apartment I interior

The interior of the one-bedroom apartment is designed as a modern and functional space, dominated by straight lines and light tones.

Certain parts of the apartment are highlighted in blue, in order to give an elegant note to the space. On the other hand, larger pieces of furniture, chests of drawers, bookshelves are planned in a wood pattern which brings warmth and is a great contrast to the shiny marble surfaces on the wall. The combination of these materials has achieved harmony, and avoided the style of classic furnishing.

The bright and airy space is given through the structure itself and position of the openings on the facade, but with the selected lighting, apart from functionality, the sophistication of the displayed interior is emphasized.

Apartment II interior

Designing a space is always a challenge for our company. While designing the apartment in Cetinje, we were guided by the line of modern, yet classic style. Gray tones of furniture combined with a pattern of wood, made the apartment attractive, yet comfortable to live in. The view of the park was the inspiration for the green color to appear in the interior. The set is in green fabric, making a great contrast to the shelf behind it.

The bedroom is designed to be of a more classic style. Wallpaper on the wall, profiled MDF and wall coverings made the night zone of the apartment look soothing and comfortable.

Apartment III interior

While designing a certain place, we pay attention to its location, the way it will be used and the budget set for furnishing the apartment. When an apartment like this is on the sea, we try to make the interior with light and pastel tones. We used Spanish cane, wooden panels and pastel green in the design. The bright floor design gives a good base to the whole apartment. The unique design of the furniture that is made in our production makes the space special and unique in our market.

Apartment IV interior

The Inteq company offers interior design in accordance with the wishes of its clients. Whether you are renovating or furnishing your living, working space, our team of architects is here to find the best solution for you. In addition to the 3d model where you can visualise the space, you will receive complete documentation and support for performance.

We offer a complete service of the conceptual design, delivery and installation of all interior elements.