Technical and commercial support

The availability of materials, growing selection and technological advances have put in the forefront the design of quality solutions that are applicable in practice. That is why our team is available to clients and potential buyers of our wide range of products in order to facilitate decisions, but also to optimize investment costs.

Whether you have doubts about the choice of materials or the execution and installation of interior elements themselves, our expert team will respond to all challenges during the project.

We also offer our technical support services to architects, in drafting and definition of all the details that are important in the realization of both the interior and the exterior.

An important component of any project is its budget and its optimization. Through many years of experience in working on numerous projects, we can offer you the service of creating a detailed budget for the investment realization, optimization of the existing through the so-called. Value Engineering.

The INTEQ team is at your disposal to enhance your investment.