Wellness & Spa

The content of our Wellness and SPA program includes all types of hydromassage pools for outdoor and indoor usage, saunas of predefined dimensions as well as custom-made, and all the equipment needed for the Turkish bath. The products are characterized by innovative technologies and the beauty of design, and we emphasize the following brands:

Glass1989, a brand that has an excellent reputation in the Wellness and SPA domain thanks to its constant urge for innovation, exceptional flexibility in production, a wide range of products that keep the pace with demanding trends and, of course, extraordinary quality.

Hafro, an Italian brand made with quality, extraordinary design and customer satisfaction.
Effegibi, an Italian brand, recognized in the world for making high quality saunas, which business practice is based on providing a perfect atmosphere with a combination of excellent design and selection of the highest quality materials.

Wellis, a brand recognized for its exceptional price-quality ratio in the production of hydromassage pools and saunas.